Install on Live-DVD Nvidia Drivers GT1030 and info about wifi DWA-140

Good day,
i use ur beautiful software for play my multimedia in Live mode without HDD (i remove it) and all work very good!

I think and i want install the video drivers of my Nvidia GT1030 because in play mode the usage of CPU is 30%, but i know that with the help of my GPU the usage of CPU will be lowered to 7% (in Win is so) soi ask:

1)drivers GT1030
i’ve downloaded the drivers from Nvidia website the name is “”
for install it i use the command “sh”, start but after ask me the SU mode… ok, but if i write
SU in console, the konsole ask me the password and im in Live mode… idk the pssw
I’ve used search in this forum for the password, but nothing founded…

u can tell me the password AND/OR the correct mode for install the drivers?

  1. i want use ur SO live also for internet (yeah also without HD, i save in USB) and my
    wifi usb is “DWA-140”, some forums have link for the driver, but the website is offline,
    idk much of linux, if u know the correct driver of donwload offline for install when i need
    (and the procedure) all will be very good for me :slight_smile:

Tyvm all à_à

Ok, for activate the root mode without passwor i need of write in Konsole:
sudo su

Ok, for activate the root mode without password i need of write in Konsole:
sudo su

Solved this i’ve installed the “Official” drivers of Nvidia, the setup work, BUT after installation the SO don’t work with my GPU… if i:
all back in original mode and ive info on opegl, i reinstalla and nothing of graphics work and Opengl error
(for fortune that is the orginal drivers HAHAH - cry - )

now i search others drivers alternative of debian etc… if someone have info for me, write here, tyvm!
i use only the “Live DVD” mode.
Tyvm all!! :slight_smile: beautiful SO (but for me is hard also install a gpu driver bcoz im new)

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