install problem

what am I doing wrong?

How did you create your install media?

Did you check the MD5sum of the ISO before burning it?

Looks to me as if either the base file system image file on the install media was corrupt or missing and couldn’t be read or you somehow lost the mount point during installation.

You don’t happen to have a UEFI/GPT system?

MD5SUM - ok
UEFI - disabled
GPT - no
I install ubuntu on this

You didn’t use unetbootin or anything else that extracts the ISO image onto and already partitioned and formatted USB stick to create the install media did you?

The Netrunner Rolling ISO like the Manjaro ISO’s need to be written as is to the usb stick with dd, suse image writer or a similar utility.

again this is a must read:

The installer uses a chroot to install the system in the background, if the mount points it uses were to get unmounted during the installation process then you would get that error as well.

I noticed that you didn’t set up a swap partition are you not wanting to use hibernate on this machine?

Also, you didn’t try to update the live system prior to running the installer as this can also cause these kinds of issues?

If all else fails you could try using the CLI Installer or report your Issue to the Manjaro team and community here:

Here are the Manjaro Installation guides as a reference point:

That installer error pops up when the source filesystem image isn’t available, or possibly the path is wrong.
We’re looking into it.

I have installed hundreds of Manjaro (and now Netrunner Rolling is my default) systems for people I know. I used to get these kinds of random errors when I had tried to use unetbootin to create the USB sticks, it was like the installer would just randomly mess something up, even when I thought it had successfully installed the OS I would have some weird issues with the installed system, since I started using dd (and now suse Image writer) to create the sticks I have had none of these random issues ever again.

Can you post the /etc/thus.conf file from the live system. Please use quotation or code tags for this or attach the file with .txt ending.