Install problems for relative newbie

Hello everyone,
I have tested out loads of distros and have at last discovered Netrunner. I ran the Live version and absolutely love it, but when it comes to install I seem to have a big problem: firstly it doesn’t give me the opportunity to install alongside another system - all the options are for Netrunner to take over a complete drive. :s

Then, when I switch to manual, I start to create partitions on an unallocated area of one drive (that I made especially for this installation) and I am able to make the primary partition “/” and the swap, but then it tells me the remaining space can’t be used, so I can’t create /home.

Please, can anyone tell me where I am going wrong? (Or perhaps explain what an idiot I am!) :frowning:

Hello again. I thought I would tell you how I solved this - in what I imagine is a most unorthodox manner: I installed ChaletOS, and then wiped and reformatted the partitions it created. When I then went to Netrunner’s install, the old ChaletOS partitions showed up and I was able to install to them. Netrunner also rewrote the GRUB entries. So all is well, and I am delighted to be running Netrunner. :smiley:

Hi griff2 and welcome to Netrunner Community :slight_smile:
Your example is the reason we are developing Calamares, the installer that allows to pick any partition and auto-overinstall them with a new system.
It will be used in upcoming Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 and eventually land in the Kubuntu based version as well, replacing ubiquity then.

Thank you starbuck. That sounds a good move. Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.