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Installation issues on a hp elitebook 850 generation 2 laptop


Hi everyone,I’ve been having issues with successfully installing netrunner 20.01 because sometimes I either witness the installer crashing or if the installer finishes than it will provide a seemingly generic screen that is actually a false positive confirmation of a successful installation however when I reboot the hp elitebook 850 generation 2 laptop than I’m immediately dropped into a black screen with white type saying that the system is trying to invoke a dhcp connection or I’ll end up being dropped in the grub console…

What should I do to finally make this installation a true success?
My hp elitebook 850 generation 2 laptop has a Intel i5 processor and 8 gigabytes of ram.
Thank you very much everyone in advance.


Please check the downloaded ISO with the checksum we provide on our download page and compare them with the one you calculated on your machine with the downloaded ISO.
If it differs your download failed and you need to redownload.