Installation of jdk8

Hi there

I’m trying to update the r-mkl package (3.1.1-1 -> 3.1.1-2). So I have it already installed and working, just want to do the update. However, it now asks for the jdk8 package to be installed.

Checked for jdk8 in octopi but it did not pop up so I checked in the Arch linux wiki and says that the jdk8-openjdk should be in the official Arch package repositories and indeed when I checked in their packages the yes it pops up, so why does it not show in octopi?

Is it not supported by Manjaro/Netrunner yet? Would it be possible to download the package from the Arch packages and make the install from octopi using the install local package option?..

How did you install r-mkl?
Manually or from the AUR here:
yaourt -S r-mkl

Both Java 7 and 8 are the Manjaro repositories.

First, make sure your repository information and system are up-to-date:
sudo pacman -Syyu

Open Java 8
Full Run-time Environment: jre8-openjdk
Headless Run-time Environment: jre8-openjdk-headless
Development Environment: jdk8-openjdk

sudo pacman -S

or in octopi make sure your not using capital letters and that you have selected in the Groups box.

Hi AJSlye

Thanks a lot it was just an update it needed. I had recently updated it and thought it was he 8-29 update but most likely it was the one before, anyway it is fixed. So the Jdk8 is that recent?


I’m glad you figured out the problem then. Yes, the jdk8 packages are current.