installation question

[font=Courier] Because I am a novice here…I can’t help but wonder if I am missing something obvious?

When i try to install all I see is the startup screen for HP. It says press esc key for starup menu…and then nothing happens. When you press esc nothing happnes.

Im trying to install Netrunner 13.6 amd.

I have a Intel core duo t9600 2.80 ghtz, with 4gb of ram.

I have read so many great reviews about Netrunner…it would be cool to have it working on this old lappy.
I recently installed the latest Mint Cinnamon if that makes any difference at all.

Any ideas would be appreciated![/font]

How did you burn the ISO?
64 or 32 bit?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I used Nero to burn the iso. First I accidentally made a 32bit, because I thought amd was for amd processors. I had the same problem.

This is the ISO for 64bit.

When I looked at the properties in mint, it said it was an isofs file. Does that matter?

You have a USB-stick?
Then I’d recommend “burning” the ISO to usb with unetbootin:
You probably need to set in your BIOS that you boot from stick, also turn off any SecureBooting if that should be enabled.

Thanks Ill give that a shot. :slight_smile:
HOLY SHIT!! It worked!! Going through installation right now :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much!!!