Installation trouble

When i use partition manager on begin install, i do 3 of section. 1st 40gb ext4 / , 10gb swap, 100gb ext4 /home and 300gb fat32. When the installation begins, the progress bar does not move on the moment of installation of the fat32 partition. Waited a long time, did not work.
Installed without windows partition worked.

If established, the nepomuk constantly breaks down.

But, your work very much. Follow your purpose.

I’m trying to install Netrunner 12.12 on an ext3 partition (9+G) on a Dell computer. i also am specifying that the bootloader should go on that partition (this may be part of the problem). The installation gets to the last screen (“will finish soon”) and then the process seems to stop.
Must I put the bootloader on the MBR? That will cause problems with the three or four other distros, one of them a frugal install, that are already on this computer.
What I’d really like to do is install without a bootloader at all; then I’d be able to add Netrunner to my Grub1 bootloader.

try to do like this:
2gb - /boot
40gb - / (root)
100gb - /home
300gb - fat32 (like I understand for dual boot with windows)
4-10gb - SWAP (I do swap at the end because it almoust never in use, and also not primary bus secondary, because I’m not sure how meny of primary partitions you can have)