I try to install Netrunner 18.03 on a persistent USB, without success (I use guidus-program in Ubuntu-Unity). I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject…

What is the concrete issue?
Have you tried other tools to create the usb stick like unetbootin?

Yes, I tried unetbootin, but it makes only live-USB installation, without persistancy, that I need. Many thanks, for the answer!

You can manually create a persistent partition or file called persistence. I don’t think there is an live usb stick maker currently out there that supportss the new debian way of persistence.

I have manually created a persistent partition, named “live-rw”, but without success. Thanks, again.

Like I said it needs to be called persistence and you need to also add this name to the bootparameter for it to pickup the persistence partition.

Thank You again for Your answer. Could You, please, give me, more prestige information, how to do that?

Just change the label of the partition with partionmanager or gparted.

As for the bootloader. In syslinux/isolinux bootloader press tab on the boot entry to edit the boot options and add persistence.
On grub2 (when trying to boot with efi) you need to press e to open the editor and add persistence to boot parameter (next to quiet splash)

Thank You again. After Your advice, I have to retry from the beginning…