installed failed

i was created an boot via Gnome Disk to wrote to imagine write, and it was good live-CD via USB, and i installed, but it was failed say due to temperature.

any clue?


what exactliy you’ve done after downloading netrunner iso?

  • md5sum test?
  • how prepairing usb stick?

I think, using

dd if=name-of-iso-file of=/dev/sdx bs=8M ; sync

is a good way to get a bootable live stick.

Are you able to work with programs for a longer time after booting netrunner live media, or are there also problems with your hardware then?

If it is a problem with installer, please describe exactly, when it hangs.

Kind regards,

This sounds like either your system fans were not working, your hard drive is going bad and was overheating the entire system, or both. Whatever the reason, a temperature warning has to do with the hardware, not the software. I would highly recommend that you have your computer checked out at a local shop.

hmm, interesting, i was installed kubuntu 15.04 it was quite worked and no issue, but this netrunner, third time to have a issue, cause due to temperature.