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Installed Rolling on oldish Laptop

Had to use the laptop as away from desktop and seemed good opportunity to try Netrunner Rolling on the laptop
Laptop’s a bit old and just 2 x Intel core 2 Duo @ 1.40 ghz with 4 gb ram, yes had this one for a long time, Netrunner is working just fine even if the laptop is under bit pressure at times from using KDE
The Only things that needed working out was
The widgets on the panel and start menu were invisible but were there hovering the mouse showed the tooltip after changing the widget type, reboot and it was all good from then on, also changed icons and cursors.
I didn’t have any other things to deal from the basic install point, over time will remove software I don’t use, maybe that will lighten the load for the laptop that doing OK for what it is (old) and and KDE
Also “10_things_to_do_after_installing_manjaro” some of the hints are good if new to Arch type Distros as I am.
Well everything connected up and worked out of the box (as they say)the way that they should
So if an oldish laptop can work on with Netrunner Rolling KDE that shows the huge effort and hard work, long hours all of you have put into Netrunner Rolling,
I’m sure I’m not the only one that ( thinks, hopes, wishes) “NRR Keeps On Rollin” for many years for New and Oldish Machines
Thanks Heaps for a No Bulldust Distro