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Installing and running NORDVPN


so i’m running most Indigo Debian edition and followed several online instructions am am having no luck installing nordvpn… anyone out there have success or experience with this?


i think i have to go through openvpn, but standard code isn’t being accepted.


Have you tried this official guide?


Yes… step by step… it doesn’t work, or it excludes an integral step. I’m pretty noob… but familiar with debian. Let me go through the process again… find out where it fails and provide more… specific info, maybe someone can help at that point. I realise this question is probably a “support nightmare” as I am not providing specifics. Was hopeing someone has had success with nord on netrunner.


This looks interesting:

Might be worth a shot.

I also found this:


Yes, I will read both and all ideas are welcome. Thank you for the links. but they both reference hitting the button and letting the .deb do its thing. I did that. I feel like it’s something stoopid like forgetting to enable openvpn… I dunno. Trying again today.


Is the deb your referencing the NordVPN app, and is packaged for Debian or Ubuntu, if it’s the latter then it most likely will not work.

Link 1: Is not the nordvpn app, it’s a gui for setting up nordvpn via networkmanager, and does not link to any deb, it links to the latest release of itself, and your supposed to run sudo ./ to install it’s gui. Scroll down to “Using Installation Script”. you’ll need to extract the tar.gz file and run the install script from there, you will need python.

Link 2: You would need to scroll down to “How to set up NordVPN Linux manually”, to well, set it up manually without the NordVPN app deb file.