Installing first time netrunner 19.01 recommended things to do?

Im gonna install first time netrunner 19.0 what y’all recommend to do in the software after the installation

You mean what software to install or what to configure after installation?
First of all before installing a backup of existing files and folders is a nice thing to do. Especially if you want to install Netrunner in parallel to an already existing operating system.
Also trying out the live system before install to identify potential hardware driver issues might be helpful.

After installation I would suggest configuring stuff you need like email client, browser. Start the yarock music managament software to configure your music library (if you have one) and such things.
Setting up a wifi connection if needed and trigger an update and get familiar with the update tool aswell as how to install software.

Maybe configure a nice wallpaper. We ship with some cool preinstalled.

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