installing from aur

Hi, when installing xiphos package, I get this error

[quote]error: target not found: gtkhtml

Any idea on how to proceed, as gtkhtml is installed.

Thank you alot.

Any idea on how to proceed, as gtkhtml is installed.

Thank you alot.
That package is broken, look here:

Have you tried bibletime (, it uses the same backend (sword) but it QT4 (KDE) based.

Thanks again, but I tried xiphos svn and it worked fine, and yes bibletime is great.

A general question to this. I was unable to find information about compatibility of Arch (bzw manjaro) and Netrunner.

Are they comaptible to install packages from one another?

Usually AUR packages install fine also on Netrunner. Theoretically there is the possibilty that some AUR packages compiled against newest libraries in Arch might conflict with older packages in Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro). But I never experienced it so far.

But, pacman just gets the pkgbuild script and patches, Compilation is done at the client side via packman, hoping the package -names does not conflict. Not true?

First its yaourt not pacman but in general this is not true for all packages. Some packages only come as binaries.

OO so the default manager is Yaourt, and not Pacman, I see.

yaourt is used for getting packages from AUR.
pacman is used for getting packages form normal manjaro/netrunner repos.

OOOO I see.

You see, in chakra, you manually get the pkgbuild file from AUR, correct for the package name conflicts, chakra specific patches and location settings and exports and tweaks and all, then run makepkg command which performs the compilation and all - now you can have the pkg.xz for pacman.

So I was imagining, for a complete compatibility with aur (which i thought was only pkgbuild scripts and not pkg.xz files) a possible way would be that your pacman is hacked to import it, and automatically run the makepkg command. But yes, I have mistaken very very much.

No, you are correct, What you described is the ARCH preferred way of manually using the AUR. Now, yaourt, packer, etc. on the other hand are pacman/AUR wrappers that make using the AUR easier, they do the download, ask if you need to edit, compilation and/or extracting, then preparing and installing software from the AUR for you, they just take the manual labor out of the process…