Installing KDE 5.4

How can I upgrade Netrunner to KDE 5.4 from 5.3. I have tried 5.4 in another distro and found it much improved on 5.3

You mean Plasma 5.4 ?

You can add and use the Kubuntu CI Stable ppa:

Thanks for the information. I’m still using 14 for my daily machine but am using 16 as a learning tool.

This just does not seem to work for me. Still in 5.3

Can you give a more detailed error report?
What did you try to do with what apps or commands?
Is there any error output?

No error report just failed to install. However I have switched to KDE Sparky Linux, a Debian based distro, which appears to give me all I want including latest version of Plasma and is very fast.

It didn’t seem to work for me either. I added the repos, did update, upgrade, dist-upgrade. Under system settings -> About System -> it shows KDE Plasma Version 5.3.0 Qt Version 5.4.1. So it is acting as if it didn’t actually upgrade. Any suggestions?

Can you run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a terminal and post the output. Please use code or quote tags

I’ve installed 16 in a VM and use it to learn more about KDE so I’m not dedicated to installing Plasma 5.4 over 5.3. I did come across this at

It appears that if the base is 15.04 and you wish to upgrade to Plasma 5.4 you must remove or disable backports. I’ve looked at the sources list on Netrunner 16 and can not clearly identify the backports ppa so I decided to stick with 5.3 as Netrunner 16 is a learning tool for me( Netrunner 14 is my daily machine & it rocks!). I’m happy to wait for the next LTS Netrunner to get Plasma 5.x and Application 15.x but others may want to use Plasma 5.x sooner.

Perhaps this additional info helps but if it does not add clarity then apologies in advance.