Installing MEGAsync on Netrunner Desktop 19.01?

Basically I was wondering… how do I install the desktop version of MEGAsync on Netrunner Desktop 19.01? There’s multiple options for Linux but the Debian based packages I tried say “Error: Cannot satisfy dependencies”.

For megasync you need to wait for them to release it for buster (debian 10), or compile it yourself from source:

However, If megatools would be useful to you, these are already in the debian repositories:

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Ahhh I see. Well, thanks for the link :smiley: Only thing is… I built it, but, how do I start it? I wish I weren’t such a noob with Linux.

Did you try installing it?
sudo make install

However, the command should just be megasync

Ah, got it. I couldn’t really figure out how to install it… but I at least got it to run by opening a terminal in the /src/MEGAsync folder and doing ./megasync. Only problem is it syncs the program and it’s installer, and I haven’t figured out how to prevent it from doing that yet.

Honestly, I’ve never installed this app, I don’t have a mega account.
I’m glad you have it working though.

Thanks for the link/info. :smiley: