Installing Netrunner onto NVMe Drive

I have a Thinkpad P50 with a Samsung Pro 950 NVMe drive.

I installed Kubuntu 15.10 with no problems including working encryption.

I try to do a normal install with Netrunner 17 and get a “Grub installed Failed. /dev/NVMe”

From my understanding the NVMe drive requires a UEFI install and this is something that Kubuntu is able to do but Netrunner is having trouble with.

Can anyone chime in on the problem and maybe some solutions (if there are any?). Netrunner is nicer and faster than KUbuntu so going back to KUbuntu is not an option.

We use the same installer as Kubuntu so not sure whats wrong there.
Can you provide an install log ? /var/log/installer/ should be the directory wich contains the logs after installation.
If you want to obtain it from the live system take a look here:

If the installation fails I am guessing that the livecd is probably going to be where the log is?

Yeah exactly. As long as you don’t restart the log should be there

Problem solved.

For some reason Kubuntu can detect NVMe drives require UEFI and thus set up the partition automatically even when booting in legacy mode.

Netrunner does not do this, but there is a solution to the problem. You need to force UEFI mode in the bios with no Legacy fallback. To do this the USB drive must be created using the KDE USB Creator otherwise it will crash. From that point the install works exactly like the Kubuntu install.

So what does the Kubuntu installer do that Netrunner installer doesnt?
Or what does Kubuntu do outside of the installer before installation that Netrunner doesnt to prepare for a smooth installation?