Installing over broken debian wheezy

After long and successful journey with debian wheezy I found huge obstacle (dependency hell/error on update) and decided to check something new.
My machine is very old and tarnished Thinkpad 42 with 1.66MHz clock and 1 GB ram on 37GB drive but I really like this pc and it saved my ass more then anyone would expect of such old computer.

Ok, so debian crashed but I got few files I’m too lazy to move back from desktop pc to notebook and was wondering is there any way to exclude part of my hdd while installing Netrunner? The trick here is that I don’t have any external flash drive to backup my data. If there’s no easy way to do it then it’s ok as those are not that important BUT if there is some way to do it then I’m ready to try it.


I would rather try saving those files as backup somewhere.
Overwriting in general would be possible if you don’t choose to format the drive in ubiquity installer. But I would then remove all the files and folders beforehand except for the user data that you want to keep.
I also recommend to not use the same home directory than again. As debian wheezy ships a very old kde sc version and its configurations might conflict with the newer version netrunner ships with.

I agree backing up your personal user data, and wiping the drive would be your best option. I would also recommend next time use a separate home partition so that if this ever happens to you again It will be easier to resolve. Now, if you are going to reuse your home directory make sure to delete the hidden .KDE and .KDE4 directories as well as anything else that you have there that may cause issues on the new system before installing Netrunner to that drive.