Installing Wine

Hi All
How do I install wine correctly …I have tried through Octopi and using Yaourt .
this installs but there is no GUI for wine cfg ,also installing wine tricks…it does not show up
any advice?

Any error message when trying executing winecfg via konsole ?
After a fresh install here it just pops up a window asking to install mono and then gecko for me. After that it works just fine.
The same goes for winetricks. It might not show up in the menu though but can be started via Krunner or Konsole.

ok thats cool …yeah they both run in terminal now via Konsole …but not showing up in the menu.
Is there a way of getting them in the menu?

You can either add them manually to the menu if you like or reset the menu so it will load system defaults which does not hide any entries (from within the menu editor that you start by right clicking on the menu button in the panel)

Other distributions like Fedora and Debian, add those menu shortcut (*.desktop) files themselves and are not provided by the wine project. Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro (Arch) and uses the upstream packaging for Wine, you will need to create them yourself.

Cool thanks guys