Intel Skylake (HD530) i76700HQ

Has anyone had any trouble getting the Intel graphics chip to work in Netrunner 17?

I have a fresh install and upgraded to Kernel to 4.4.2, but when I reboot and run the driver manager, the intel device is shown as “unknown” and says “this device is not working”


Intel driver is free software and should work out of the box without installing anything special.
So you don’t need to use the driver manager for it.

Thanks for that - how can I tell if it’s installed and working?

If you click in my computer and it shows 2D Driver in use: intel then it is used

yeah - that seems to be working. Do you know if switchable graphics work with this device? was looking to set up bumblebee as well

I personally never used Optimus/Bumblebee but others have reported that it works.

I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 that has an Intel Skylake 6700HQ CPU and an NVIDIA GTX 960 discrete GPU. Primus GPU switching is pretty flaky on Netrunner 17 and Bumblebee doesn’t work at all (a real bummer). It’s understandable though when you consider that Bumblebee isn’t actively developed any longer. It’s worth noting that I installed the 4.4 kernel and it seems to work with Primus much better than with 4.2.

Thanks for your feedback.

I have an XPS 13 9350 and it “kinda” works. Out of the box on kernel 4.2 it can boot and get to a desktop, but doesn’t work very well beyond that (flickering, power consumption, graphical settings, etc). Using the ubuntu kernel-ppa I managed to get a 4.3 kernel installed which works okay, but boots to a black screen the first time. This is because of incorrect DPMS probing. To force a proper DPMS probe, you have to close the laptop lid, let it sleep, then re-open, then the screen comes back.

If your system has a NVMe drive though the newer kernels will give you issues, but that’s for another topic.