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Intended or unintended upgrade to Debian 11

I noticed the other day when installing updates via Apt in the terminal, I was notified that Debian Buster is now old-Stable. That is normal every time a new Stable release is released. Debian also made changes to the security repo that needed to be changed. It is the line that reads security (dot) debian (dot) org/ , that needed to be changed to /debian-security. Replace the (dot) for a . , since the forum software wants to make that a URL link. I found this when I updated my two Debian 10 (Buster) boxes. I compared the sources.list files.

After that, I was able to run sudo apt update a second time with no errors shown. However, I did notice that Netrunner’s /etc/apt/sources.list file used the release name of stable instead of the codename of buster in the repo directives.
I ran sudo apt upgrade and a thousand or so packages needed to be updated. Obviously, that is due to Debian moving Bullseye from “Testing” to “Stable”. I knew that if I proceeded that it was going to move me to Debian 11. Because this is how you upgrade to a new version. You just change your codename in the sources.list file and run apt dist-upgrade.
I did a clean install of Netrunner 20.01 on another laptop and the same thing happened. Once I ran apt update and apt upgrade. I needed to correct the security entry in the source.list file. Then after an apt update and apt upgrade, I was running Debian 11.

My question is, was this what the Netrunner Maintainers intended to happen? It was a successful upgrade, I rebooted and everything has been fine. I tried doing a sudo apt dist-upgrade and no new updates were found. I did read in older posts that moving to Debian 11 wasn’t support, though that was when Debian 11 was in ‘Testing’. Now that Debian 11 the new Stable, is moving to Debian 11 supported?


Yes. The upgrade is supported now that bullseye is the new stable. That is how it should work. Flawless upgrade to the new stable base.

Thank you for the reply. This is a very nice upgrade.

Whatabout netrunner core? Is there also an upgrade to bullseye possible and supported?
I’m having a mediacenter running kodi on top of netrunner core. I now want to change hardware and therefore need a newer kernel (Ryzen 3500U). So an update to bullseye would be necessary.
Is there a a supported way to update or do I have to wait until it is supported. If so do you have a rough estimation how long?

It should be supported aswell as Netrunner Core could be updated constantly like Desktop and consists of less packages. So yeah upgrade is supported aswell.

Thanx, for your quick answer. Then I will give it a try. I love netrunner core for being a rock solid and performing base for my media center!

Please do a backup beforehand. We recommend that to do at least for every big upgrade.

Backup is my second name :nerd_face:
All went fine. Only problem is, that kodi was upgraded to 19.1 which wasn’t my intend. So I have to look if I find my way with the Matrix or if there is a suitible way to go back to Kodi Leia.