Invisible jpg files in Dolphin

Frequently, when I use Gimp to export a version of an image file, Dolphin does not show it. Gwenview and Kmail can see it. It becomes visible in Dolphin eventually, for instance by opening the containing folder in a new tab via “open in new tab”, after which it becomes visible in the original tab.

Can I do anything about this, or is is a known bug?

You can hit F5 to refresh the view of the directory (like in a web browser).

Reload has no effect, that’s the first thing I tried, it works every other time.

does this occur in any other case than gimp export?

No. I don’t get the same effect with Gwenview, I don’t even need to reload.

The effect is not reliable, I’ve just saved as xcf, and exported as png and jpg with Gimp, all files are visible. But earlier today my jpg file was invisible. In the past, sometimes the first few have been visible, but then the effect kicks in and the rest are not.

I’ll try again tomorrow and see what happens on a fresh boot. I have a suspicion that once a file has been tricked into visibility, the effect goes away for the session, but I’ll have to test that.

I may have had the same problem with sound files, using Audacity. I must experiment.

I find it annoying that I even have to click the Reload button in Dolphin. I don’t recall ever needing such a button in Nautilus.

@ Kimiko:
Yup. That was a bit disappointing in Dolphin after I left GNOME 2.

we will keep an eye on it, here is the related issue from kde upstream: