I plug in my iPhone and it does not get mounted. The phone asks if I should trust this computer and I tell it yes. Everything looks normal as logged in dmesg. It sees the phone and installs the driver for it. It just never shows up in Dolphin. As a result I can’t see it in virtualbox. Also, my USB mouse and keyboard work ok but they do not show up in virtualbox either. Virtualbox reports no USB devices. Any ideas?

For virtualbox you need to tell it to alow access to the USB ports in the config for each session.

Iphones are notoriously hard to get working under Linux. Now with that said, in order for dolphin and amerok to access your Iphone you’ll need to install libimobiledevice, ifuse and libgpod. You may also need kio-afc.

My best advice would be to use KDE Connect instead.

Thanks, but I already had those services installed. I couldn’t find a kio-afc. KDE connect does nothing. Nothing shows up in the window. I understand that I have to tell virutalbox to mount usb devices. My usb devices do not show up in the virtualbox menu. I understand that the iphone is hard to work with under linux. I’m able to get by if the phone at least shows up as mounted in the system.

More info:

I have also installed Ubuntu gnome 15.04 on another partition that works well. comparing dmesg between the two shows no differences. When the iphone is plugged in lsmod shows the ipheth module loads. Both systems are comparable. Gnome mounts the phone and KDE does not.

You will need a PPA for kio-afc: https://launchpad.net/~carlos-demaine/+archive/ubuntu/ppa

Make sure you also have all of these installed on your machine:

I do appreciate all the help. I had already installed all the things you mentioned above. I added the ppa and it seemed to add ok. When I ran the update it failed to fetch anything from the ppa. Not sure what is going on.