IRC and Telegram channels and maybe Reddit

Are there any Telegram or IRC channels for this distro?

What about Reddit?

I find it extremely helpful that Manjaro has many contact points as does Antergos. Any chance we can get this going for this Distro. Telegram is my favorite as searching and chatting are quick. Its also easier to use on a device I have with me all the time. Reddit would be second and the forum would be 3rd. Coming in 4th would be IRC because its not as easy to stay persistent and search for history of answers.

Many distro’s are now linking there IRC channels to telegram. Fedora, Manjaro and Antergos all have Telegram channels.

With no replies I am guessing that this is not in the plans.

We currently only have this forum for contact.

If you use Rolling, just connect to the Manjaro resources, they very likely also apply to Netrunner Remix.

Yes I am already doing that but felt that it was only right that we have our own channels besides just the forum.

It could be because I am old, but I really like IRC for a casual discussion about a topic. Forums and mailing lists are great for more formal questions and replies, but IRC tends to lend itself to more friendlier (in most cases) discussions of things that doesn’t require the same level of seriousness.

I don’t mean this that IRC is just a social thing, but I can ask about something (perhaps an unexpected behavior in the OS) without having research the item first. A general “Anyone ever had X do Y before” question with a simple “yes, but upgrading fixed it” is a useful conversation without having to get all of details that are needed for a userful forum post. Also, it can be a great place to learn new things to do with your OS as you chat with others and find out what they do with the OS.

Now at the same time, there are some questions that aren’t easily discussed via IRC and in those cases the forum is still the better option.

I am hanging out in #netrunner and #netrunner-os on Freenode and plan to stay here unless someone tells me of another channel/network. I go by technoidX or technoid_ usually, so say howdy.

*someone was already in #netrunner but not sure if they are there about the OS or the card game. Don’t want to take over their channel if they are there about the card game, so also joined #netrunner-os.

Yeah, the former long deprecated, but recently revived cardgame is really a bad coincedence from a marketing standpoint.

I have the card game if anyone running Netrunner is up for playiing some Netrunner.