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Is the entirety of netrunner's kde settings available for download so they can be used in other distros?


I have a machine that wouldn’t take any debian installs. I managed to get some linux + kde to finally work on there, but kde vanilla is just not very fun after I have used netrunner. It will take a long time to replicate all the changes manually. Is there a way to download the layout, the option choices, and the themes from nightrunner’s take on kde to make any kde installs behave like nightrunner’s kde?


Most of our settings can be found here:

Theme stuff can be found here:


Awesome, can you tell me how to apply these settings to other KDE plasma machines? Can I just download these KDE settings and overwrite existing ones on my systems? If so, where are the files located?


I would suggest at looking at the settings you want and to make backups of your existing settings and only replace the settings in your ~/.config folder for the specific application you want to adapt.
See this repo for those settings:

When it comes to theming settings (not the themes itself). See netrunner-commons/netrunner-settings-theming.
The /etc/skel/.config stuff belongs to your home .config folder.
These files here:
Are in a netrunner specific folder and also need to go into your ~/.config directory. But be aware those only carry theme settings mostly. So you need to manually merge them with the rest of the configs from ds9-common if you like to use them.

As for artwork LNF Artworks should work out of the box just by putting them to the correct folder in /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel.
Be sure not to miss installing the icon themes, color schemes and other defined in the LNFs.

Hope that helps. It is a bit more complex as we split stuff for easy updating and maintaining on our end.


Would these settings work on a Fedora machine? Is ds9-common part of KDE settings? I had thought KDE is separate from the other system components, but I see that it even has settings for systemd and xorg


Ignore the systemd and xorg settings from ds9-common.
And yes those settings specific to KDE Applications or Plasma will work on any distro.