Is this a good MB for linux?

I’m looking for a good Mini board for Linux. I run Netrunner -Ubuntu version 64bit

Any thoughts, advice or insight will be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I just called ASUS and they told me that they do not make a mini board that is compatible with Linux.

So now I am on to check out MSI Z97I

I guess there’s no help for this around here… I just wanted to find a mini motherboard that would be fully compatible to Linux. Or at least find a site somewhere where they might talk about this. I have looked around and have come up empty-handed, so far.

The ASUS board looks compatible to me though I don’t know exactly which wifi chip is build in. There are some reports that SteamOS (based on debian) had working everything except for the LAN.

Thanks for your response! I don’t usually use Steam. I mostly do internet surfing and business stuff on my pc.
If I play games, they are mostly card or pinball games that Linux needs no help with.

For the lan connection, I will always hard wire it.

But you think everything else will work?

There is also this pc I was looking at here:

Intel MB?

This pc shouldn’t have a problem running Netrunner.

But this still has the same gigabit lan

Yeah but as you can see in the SteamOS thread the driver for it should be in newer kernels or even if it isn’t there is a driver that you can compile for the intel chip. (Intel is very open when it comes to this so almost all intel hardware works pretty good under linux [except the old and rusty poulsbo graphicschip])

If you want a system you know is compatible with Linux there is always these company’s to choose from:

System76 -

Eight Vurtues -

Emperor Linux -

Los Alamos Computers -

ZaReason -

I’m sure you could probably find more on-line.

Thanks for the share!
But I really like the form factor of the one on ebay.
It also comes with a stand to stand on its side.

Yes, I like the looks of that machine as well, I was just throwing out options. That board it’s using looks like it is basically Intel only parts, Intel has drivers for almost all it’s products, so it should work great. Now, the drivers for everything might not come installed in Ubuntu by default, and you might need to download and install them yourself but that’s true of a lot of newer components these days.

Did you see this one from ZaReason:

Yah… no DVD optical drive. I need one IN my pc as I do not want separate components laying around.
I’m kind of hooked on the ebay pc. Thanks :cool:

DVD optical drive, how antiquated, lol.

They are still around and in use. I still burn Linux to DVD and
have a huge movie collection on DVD. They really haven’t been
around THAT long. It’s just that the people in technology who
decide their going to come out with something new so they can
get people to blow their money again and be broke all the time
cause as soon as you buy their new “thing-a-ma-jig”, they’re
working on the next one to suck the hard earned cash from
your pockets! Sorry, I will use my DVD’s for years to come!

First I’d like to say that I was just joshing with you and didn’t mean to offend. I apologize if I did.

As far as for me however, I don’t particularly watch movies except for the ones I buy at the store, and I don’t watch them on my computers, that’s what I have a Blue Ray next to my living room TV for. I use small/cheep 2 gig USB sticks to store my Linux install medias on, I don’t play games except for on my Wii or Play Station, so I find no reason to have a DVD or Blue Ray in my computer anymore. I even swapped out the one in my laptop for a drive bay to hold my 2 TB storage drive in. Personally, I’m kind of glad that more and more hardware with moving parts are dying out, less things to fail I think, but hey that’s just my opinions, everyone is entitled to their own preferences, I judge not, it’s not my place.