isolinux.bin md5

I’m coming up with a different md5sum for the file isolinux/isolinux.bin than the stated md5sum in the file md5sum.txt

I downloaded the Netrunner 17 DVD, verified the MD5 sum was a70f60d02a1ca22fd20352265d63c9fb, and burned it - telling K3b to verify after burning. But running the media test from the boot menu found an error in one file.

I went ahead and booted it, which worked fine, and ran md5 myself on all the files in md5sum.txt

My result for ./isolinux/isolinux.bin was 9ecb655df0b68b713951b581b6759a9d
./md5sum.txt contains: 7fc9aa9790eab6f98ce15803d1656795 ./isolinux/isolinux.bin

To be sure I’m not having read errors from the DVD or some such, I mounted the drive to which I downloaded the iso, rechecked the iso md5, mounted the iso, and checked the isolinux.bin that it contains - same results.

Just in case anyone cares, I went ahead and installed anyway and everything is working fine so far. Looks slick! :slight_smile:

Yeah this is a technical problem with that file.
I thought I fixed it already by not including it in the md5sum.txt though it seems that it didn’t work.
Basically you can ignore it’s md5 sum as the file gets updated/changed when when creating the ISO (so after the md5sum.txt is created)