Issues in Netrunner 13.06 (muon updater, missing nvidia-settings)

Netrunner 13.06 32 bit issues (the same as in rc2)

  1. After finishing the installation (live USB), when the user wants to reboot the machine, there should be some sort of notification that such an action is available, like in the older versions. Unfortunately, right now the only thing the user sees is a spinning Netrunner logo. However, if the user presses the enter key, Netrunner does reboot just like it should. This is confusing and newbies may think that the OS has crashed.
  2. After installing the nVidia drivers (through the driver manager), nvidia-settings itself is not installed, despite the fact that its icon does appear in the menu (twice).
    3.It seems that no software updates appear, and Muon Updater does not show in the tray area.

Hi lucas,

  1. yes, thats annyoing, we have to still find out why this stopped working.

  2. does it work when you install the package manually afterwards?

  3. is intentional: Read here for the whole reasoning, as 13.06 is somehow a turning point from previous releases:

  1. Ok, minor issue anyway
  2. Yes it works if I install package manually.
  3. So it’s not a bug after all :wink: But some info about this feature on main page would be nice.