Its impossible to download securely any version of netrunner

Its impossible for me to download any version of netrunner securely.
There is no gpg signature, there is no https. Have you learned ANYTHING out of the linux mint hacked servers? Your server simply didnt provide ANY security. So anyone can just send fucked up iso and tell that they are coming from your server.

By the way:
I have been forced to register without any encryption to this forum and had to send in cleartext the password.
So because i was forced to make it public here it is: “insecurehttp” (without the quotes)

I totally agree with this. These days, HTTPS is an absolute necessity when dealing with passwords. Hopefully some of the devs that hang around these forums will take note and work on fixing that as soon as possible.

They do have MD5 hashes at the bottom of the download page, but with the recent Linux Mint fiasco, I think the general feeling in the Linux community is that we need more than that. GPG signatures would be great.