Jolla Partnership

It seems Jolla needs a strong partner in desktop linux : conversation link (small/start)
I think It would be wonderful to see Jolla and blue systems / netrunner to collaborate to bring the ultimate Linux experience to the users.

I would love to hear your thoughts, and if this would be possible/ in your interest.

One question, Why? That’s a phone OS with it’s own GUI, Blue Systems typically sponsors KDE based projects.

What I understand is that is Jolla wants a linux destkop distro where they can test and polish their “Pc-suite” sync/update/backup etc, and maybe you could integrate it to KDE 5?
It would be nice it to see native KDE-connect app for sailfish, and why not stop there.

So if you could collaborate, we could give the end user’s great Linux destop->mobile experience. That’s what LINUX is really is lacking of, and we really need to start to collaborate more if we(everyone) want Desktop Linux ever be successful and sailfishOS :stuck_out_tongue:

In general I have nothing against it. Netrunner will use KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5 and SailfishOS is also using Qt5.
But as I also attempted their last irc meething the basic discussion was if they want to release a SailfishOS for the desktop.
This was downvoted as it makes no sense to have a touchscreen optimized UI for the desktop.
On the other hand a convergence tool like KDE Connect would make a lot of sense also to support for SailfishOS.
But this needs work on the SailfishOS side of things.

Then there are other crazy ideas floating in my head about btrfs and overlaying a desktop install of netrunner with the sailfishos to share data.
A tablet with SailfishOS that switches to desktop mode with Netrunner when a mouse and keyboard are attached or paired with the tablet (maybe this is also a good idea for the jolla phone, though I doubt it would run fluently on this tiny arm processor)

But at the end we have to wait and see what the future will bring.

Sorry, but what seems to be absurt is already tried by the Ubuntu-guys:
The want to create Ubuntu to one platform for PC, Tablet, and Schmartphone - and they are veeeery optimistic about - and I’m a litle bit too ( I haven’t even a smartphone … I don’t know what I’m tlaking about anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Throwing in with Jolla would be the right step at this moment:
Jolla has the enviroment and knoledge for small + touch devices; Netrunner / KDE comes from PC’s.
A collaboration could help merge the experience, and the new development-pulses to merge KDE and Qt some more could be used to mix in a litle bit Jolla…

This way, KDE don’t have to run after Ubuntu so much…

-->Jollarunner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :P