Just A Quick Personal Announcement

As some of you may already know, I am still somewhat new to this community. My Involvement with the Netrunner Rolling announcements and general help of users issues is still a work in progress. I’m not perfect and sometimes even I need to look things up for myself as well. It’s my hope that everyone here in the community will be as patient with me as possible, and not hesitate to provide me with any feedback if needed, I will try my best to be as receptive as I can to any and all suggestions, criticisms, etc that you the Netrunner community may have.


Hi AJ,

I’m also new to the Netrunner’s community, and been following all the forum articles to learn get more familiar with the system. I switched from Windows to Ubuntu, to Linux Mint, and finally graduated to Netrunner 14, and that is my main operating system on most of my computers. You’ve been great, and prompt answering all the questions, and I really appreciate that. I also posted a thread as to why Netrunner has no payment portal for US donors on Netrunner’s website and haven’t heard back. A lot of US users with conscious would donate, if Netrunner make it easy to donate, like the rest of the Linux distributions regardless of their location.