K3B not in my menu after new re-install?

Yup… I just did a fresh re-install of the OS and did not see K3B in the menu anywhere.
But when I looked in synaptic, it said it was installed. I even tried doing a re-install of K3B.

Shouldn’t it be in the main menu, somewhere? :huh:

I also noticed Muon no longer in my menu as well, though I won’t miss that.

You have no Muon right after a fresh install?
MAybe the ISO has a wrong md5sum?

I had the same problem it turned out to be hidden(why).
I got round it by right clicking the panel adding a K application launcher right clicking the new app launcher and left clicking
Edit Applications this opens the KDE menu editor I then found k3b unticked the hide box. I’m sure there must be an easier way of opening the KDE menu editor, if you find it let me know.