K3b slowness

In writing my first iso to disc as a test of this new machine and install, I noticed K3b took about 1min 20 sec. to start the write process. and almost 2min to close the disc and start verifiying. It verified the disc then crashed. I was not able to get a report on that. It just seems to me K3b is running slow. Do not understand it this is a powerhouse of machine compared to my last one.

The Netrunner Rolling ISO was based on Manjaro 0.8.9 update-pack 3, the current Manjaro base is now at 0.8.10 update-pack 1, have you updated the system since this is a fresh install?

sudo pacman -Syyu

Since this is also newer hardware may I suggest that you may want to run a newer kernel then 3.10 (LTS), I would recommend 3.14 (current):

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux314 rmc

Done and Done. Will try K3b tomorrow morning, and report back.