Hi Guys,

K3B is installed on my system as is expected from a default installation, however the launcher icon does not appear in the launcher/kickoff/start menu.

Any ideas?

Found it from an old post on the old forums but for anyone else who might not know;

  1. right click on launcher icon and select “edit applications”;


  1. click on Multimedia tree icon to reveal Multimedia application icons.


  1. K3B should be in the list, click on it and on the right hand side there should be a tick box option of “hidden entry”. Untick this and save, then exit.


Should now appear in the launcher menu!

Have you run the K3B setup already? Maybe that will put the icon in the launcher/menu.
For the setup, either type ‘k3b’ in the launcher’s search box and click the icon that shows up, or enter ‘k3bsetup’ in a terminal window or krunner.

This will be fixed in next version 12.12.1.

Thanks for your input Kimiko, all sorted now.

Thanks Starbuck, confused me for a while but all sorted in the end!
It only took 5 minutes to do a quick step by step, you never know if anyone has a similar problem in future, K3B or otherwise and may be of help!