Kate thinks files created by another program

Occasionally when I save a file Kate will tell me it was written by another program. There are two possible messages, one that asks me if I really want to change the file, and another that gives me options to ignore, overwrite, or reload. This has happened with files just created with Kate. These are plain text files, no extension. This is just a nuisance, not a serious problem. Is there anything I can do about it?

That seems strange. Are you sure that nothing else is having access to the file while your editing it?

I can’t think what else could be accessing them. It usually seems to happen when I save a file in Kate, leve it open, move off to check another file, not a text file - PDF or odt etc, or something online, then when I come back to Kate I find a message (samples attached).

Unless it is Insync. Though I had Insync on my old v 13 install without this happening. There are a lot of Akonadi processes running. Apart from that I don’t see anything suspicious. But most of them I have no idea what they are doing.

Could be indeed insync rewriting something to the file. Can you disable it and see if it happens again?

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I tried stopping Insync, and the messages stopped. However since I restarted Insync, first there were a couple of messages, but now they have stopped entirely. Possibly one of the updates has fixed it.

I happened on a post on the Insync forum that suggests that it may well be the problem.