KDE 4.11 update errors

After update KDE storage applet can’t sees any device, just plain list. I have to use console commands like this
~$ udisks --mount /dev/sdd1
~$ udisks --detach /dev/sdd
to get access for strorages. Any suggestions? I think something missing in KDE. Because update process have been broken with dependence issue on libfacebook. After I have to install kde-workspace by myself, because kwin have been missing too.

Is dolphin at the newest version ?
Really no listed devices under ‘devices’ in the filemanager (dolphin) ?

Exactly, not at all. :-/

dolphin -v Qt: 4.8.3 KDE: 4.11.00 Dolphin: 4.11.00
http://screencloud.net/v/xJcx Thats all in the Dolphin.

It seems that udisks2 is not installed on your system and is needed for KDE to detect disks (harddrives, cdrom, usb sticks and so on).
So please install udisks2.

Yes it helps. But now mount path like /media//<mount_point> not as it was and not as it mound from CLI.:dodgy:
Is there any control about that ?

Unfortunately not I guess. I did not look too deep into udisks2 yet but I know that it is mounting them intentionally so. AT least on other systems using udisks2 like XFCE it works the same way. Before I guess udisks1 was used which explains the difference in behavior.

This is not so essential, after all I look forward for changes and user dir mounting seems wise for me, but for “internal” drives this is not so good, if I have more the 1 active user. :s May be for that case should use /mount/all/<mount_point>

For system wide mounting there is always /etc/fstab. I am not sitting right in front of a computer currently Iam not sure if the ubuntu repos still provide disk-manager which is a nice graphical editor to /etc/fstab. Perhaps you could try installing it if you like.