KDE 5.5 (five-dot-five) ?

Any plans to update to KDE 5.5 someday? I have still some bugs and quirks in KDE 5.4.3 which came with Netrunner 17



Is it OK to play around with Kubuntu PPAs?


Kubuntu Backports PPA is activated by default in Netrunner 17.
I am sure Plasma 5.5 will come to this PPA though not immediately as it needs to be build and tested first.

Cool! I’ll wait then. I must say Netrunner 17 did install very smooth on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, way smoother then Netrunner 14 LTS. But the KDE 5.4.3 has a few very annoying bugs: Meta+Tab doesn’t work, activity manager doesn’t work that smooth too, you need to fix the audio settings, the window manager is bit quirky.