KDE 5 or Netrunner 16 bugs ?

These bugs are from KDE or Netrunner ?

“sound” will be empty as long as no app is actually playing sound.

that is no bug - except the window could tell users : “no app playing sound currently”

in ergonomy terms its less than perfect. :dodgy:

I also had the “missing lib” stuff in settings. maybe they could tell which packages are actually missing

Thanks for reporting these bugs.

Some bugs are specific for Netrunner like the systemsettings entries that won’t work. (the installer removes the components that are not necessary but we still have the .desktop files there that link to the modules)
Other bugs like the changing icon on hover in dolphin is a clear caching issue I guess that should be gone after a desktop restart.
The time and date problem seems to be an issue with Qt.
Kscreenshot issue looks like an limitation of Xorg.

I tried on Netrunner 14 and the screenshot is not corrupted

Ok then it is a bug

I made some bug report to kde and the links are in the first post

Hi all,

I’m a fresh netrunner user, installed v16 two days ago… I came back from fedora, where I was not happy with the support for my hardware and with gnome 3.16…

I’m very happy with this netrunner release although I have to get used to kde again.
I also encountered some glitches, whereby probably this one here is the only noteworthy:
In Dolphin, when I right-click on a text file and select “Open with” -> “Kate” then I get the error message:
“KDEInit could not launch ‘/usr/bin/kate’”

After googling this issue I found that setting
“X-DBUS-StartupType” to “None” in “/usr/share/applications/org.kde.kate.desktop” may help, but I didn’t in my case…

Am I the only one that is affected by this // is it a kde5 or a netrunner thing?
Is there a better place to report this issue?


It is a known bug and hopefully will be fixed soon.

Has someone else noticed, that the systemsettings manager didn’t display the treeview-style ?

Equal, which view style I chose, the manager stays “non-treeview”.

Also, at the touchpad-panel is shown a red bubblemessage on top, probably hinting, that I’ve no driver installed yet… I know the text from Kubuntu 15.
The Text in this bubblemessage is missing, but - as I could imagine - it’s an translation issiue.
(Language set to german)

Nice day,