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KDE Changes to Be Stopped

Dear KDE Lovers,

It came to my attention that KDE is going into wrong direction.
As an avid promoter and user of KDE you should have a say what
happens to project because recently all goes down the toilet.

First we have spyware (KTelematry wrongly renamed Kuserfeedback),
that cannot be removed and is hardcoded plus has a fake GUI with
a slider that does absolutely nothing (data is still collected
and written to my HDD).

Second plasma never really caught on touch screens. And now
Nat has single-handily decided to completely break usability.
Plasma 5.20 will have “icons only task manager”. Now we will
have this Windows/Apple idiocracy where you cannot distinguish
which apps are running and which not, you cannot distinguish
which apss are running and which is a shortcut to a program.
Which is running, which is window and which is shortcut. Are
they going to put a triangle pointing to it like apple?
Or are you going to be confused like in some “docs” <—is there
going to be an invisible dot pointing above?

How are you going to switch between opened apps? Which are those?
How will I distinguish between them. Untill now we were able
to switch with one click and one glance. Starting with 5.20 we
will have Windows/Apple copy of unusable bullshit. We don’t want

KDE Plasma should never become Apple or Windows. We do not want it.

Stop this idiot Graham immediately. He is danger to KDE and
community around: spayware, regressions (5.19…), endless
spitting of new functions with regressions and now
ONE GIGANTIC USABILITY FUCKUP. Please stop the idiot!!! I beg
you to force him to be fired!!!

Long time KDE user,

Thank you for taking the time to register here.
I am not sure here is the right place to talk about this topic.

Netrunner does not use Ktelemetry.
If the slider is not working this is a bug and needs a bug report at

The issue with icons only taskmanager I don’t get to be honest.
Netrunner is not using this. It has pinned apps in a classical taskbar.
I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
Distributions have the option to ship their defaults the way they like it.
Even with icons only task I can clearly distinguish between running and non running applications as the running ones are highlighted not by dot but by background color and the usual indicator lines that plasma also uses for running tasks in the normal task manager.

To make it clear. Netrunner has the classical task manager and the current supported version will not switch anything.
It seems to me like you are addressing a general issue that is better discussed at KDE forums or mailinglist.
I would advise to calm down to have a fruitful discussion there however.
As far as I understand its a default setting they are not forcing you to use this default setting ever. You can change it to whatever you like from the current setup or use a distribution that sticks to the current default task manager.

Like I said wrong address here.
This is a forum mainly for supporting Netrunner.
I understand that you are angry but I think you misunderstand what default settings mean. It does not mean that you are forced to use it.
As always KDE Plasma can be configured the way you like and distributions ship whatever they like to be the default setting.