KDE Connect via Octopi

Thanks for the quick reply and 'splanation! :slight_smile:

Again, I learned something! :slight_smile:

I did look at octopi but it was well… “laggy” it seemed and the whole interface is …well “cramped” and I didn’t want to take a chance on doing something I shouldn’t by jerking out dependencies etc.

And, the “icons” were not well… intuitive. The little red skull at the bottom was intuitive. So, it wanted to update KDE connect…

Went through a long build from git, wanted me to build csys (wrong spelling) which i didn’t know how to do but…it went through the whole thing and now…KDE connect DOES NOT WORK!! lol

KDE connect my absolute fave app of all time because I use it to interact with my Android phone! :frowning:

Sooooo I’m thinking that maybe a red skull…means …DO NOT do this! lol

ahhh welll the perils of living on the edge! lol

HOWEVER… I DO like the whole way that the Calligra Suite, and other apps are in a tree to the right and when I clicked it the packages did appear in the left window.

HOWEVER, again, I can “see the point” behind octopi and tried to install Dragon player which is a single app and it did, indeed install.

again, thanks for the info and tip.


PLease read my previous post if you have not so done.

The situation with KDEconnect was that the little red skull was wanting to install KDEconnect-git.

After the supposed install… dingus was not even “on” the system, not in Discover, not anywhere except in usr/bin !!

So I decided to try this in terminal: sudo pacman -S kdeconnect

and kdeconnect-git was removed, kdeconnect installed and kdeconnect now works…so… like I said, if there is a Red Skull…rather like Nick Fury Agent of Shield comic in the seventies that had Sternako for the artist…


BTW the whole thing about the terminal being windowed at the bottom of Dolphin is…well…just cool! :slight_smile:


I got a partial message on my phone that there was a reply to this thread only I can’t seem to find the reply.

The text on the phone was:

The version was the one as of this instant: 9 Feb 2016.

The Rolling Release KDE.


I must have deleted the wrong post.
I was asking which ISO was used to perform the install:
2016.01 RC1
2016.01 RC2

There shouldn’t be a red skull icon unless you mean a red ghost, or are using a different icon theme than breeze.
A red ghost would be octopi-notifier, which hasn’t been installed by default since the 2015.09 ISO.
The Discover Update Notifier has replaced octopi-notifier as the default and has a shield for it’s icon.


From the iso file:



I just went to Octopi to check the icon and it is gone.

I searched on the net for some kind of image of the skull on octopi but couldn’t find one.

I DID find a “red ghost” as in the old video game of pacman chomping dots. But that is in the “about” for octopi.

This was a little red skull.

So, hope this helps.


I think you mean the little red alien face in the bottom of the window that appears when there are AUR updates, like the green one next to the search bar.

Ok it’s an “alien” face!

Yes it was red and at the bottom similar, as I recall to the green one at the top.

Sooo AUR stands for “Arch User Repository” as opposed to “the repositories”, again, learned something new! :slight_smile: