kde Disappeared after the update

hi every one
i do the update from muon update center and do restart and after that i found the kde desktop is disappeared and it open xfce And I was amazed because I did not install the xfce desktop so what i do i want my desktop back and i cant reinstall the netrunner now I’m afraid to lose my files and The strange matter that the xfce desctop it not work right and most of the applactions not work so what i must do help my please

Could you give us more information ? like the apt log file (/var/log/apt/history.log and term.log)

thank for the reply this is the log files that you ask about it


Your update had some trouble with ‘flareget’ package. However you successfully removed it… So in order to complete the upgrade process did you try to dist-upgrade one more time ?

Try it in a terminal window, don’t use Muon (I see an issue about muon/ debconf communication in the log file)

– > sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Then from your login manager (netrunner uses lightdm, but I see KDM also installed. Doesn’t matter anyway, the menu will just be different if you pick KDM instead of lightDM) choose “Plasma session”