KDE logout/end of session when I try to run various app and script

I’ve got a problem with my Netrunner 13.12. When I try to run various app (e.g. thunderbird or WINE) my KDE session getting logout.
Yesterday whole system had work correctly but when I woke up tomorrow, OS have started logout… I’m so worried, 'cause I really like Netrunner but I can’t use it, if it doesnt’t work correctly.

It’s probabbly is connected with KDE, but I had the same problem a few weeks ago with Kubuntu, but something had to occured this bug and I want to know how I can fix it

greetings from Poland


maybe it is an issue with the graphics driver and Xorg is crashing. Please test the system with effects disabled and see if the ‘logout problem’ occurs again.


I don’t know how I could explain it, but today everything works fine. I guess that this is pretty strange because I didn’t do anything which could fixed it,

anyway, dziękuję!

Maybe it’s a problem with the hardware. Try to monitor the temperature of the processor.
And may be problems with RAM, and need to be tested with memory test.
You can, for the CPU test, in the terminal type: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null & cat /dev/urandom > /dev/null. If the computer is running normally 10-15 minutes, then everything is OK with the processor(This comand for test 2 cpu kernel, and full loaded.).

[color=#000080]Try installing a newer kernel, I went with something similar and I [size=medium]solved the 3.13 kernel[/size].[/color] :idea: