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Kde neon for netrunner 18


I tested the kde neon 5.7 and I must to say is solid like a rock, withouth the nasty bugs of kubuntu (specially with the restart of the plasma).
The base of Kde neon is ubuntu, and its fully compatible with netrunner.




I tested Neon 5.7 (in a VM) yesterday and encountered problems. Specially, Discover, the software manager, crashed every single time I went to open it in order to install new software.
While I would be excited for Netrunner 18 to use Neon as a base( I get cutting edge KDE), I need a highly stable and reliable OS for daily production.


Neon will be the base of the next release.
We will keep looking into the bugs you encountered. Hopefully they are fixed with Plasma 5.7.1


I know y’all will. My post was not intended as a negative criticism only an objective observation. I am looking forward to using the most cutting edge KDE on a stable base.

I like Netrunner–I like it enough to offer to beta test it and/or make voluntary donations in the future if that is ever set up.


Discover is buggy in KDE neon, but I installed muon, and everything worked smoothly. In Kubuntu, when I activated previous view, the GUI crashed everytime. A nasty bug. In kde neon I didn’t have that problem.
And your comment dbyentzen is appreciated for me.
Thank you.