KDE Neon

It seems that there is a new project/distribution under KDE umbrella http://neon.kde.org.uk/ At first sight it looks quite similar to Kubuntu, and most of the team are the former Kubuntu developers. So my question is: Are there any plans to switch from Kubuntu to Neon?

We are aware of the project.


Neon is not a distribution but a repository for Kubuntu with really up to date KDE software.

The question could be: is this repository compatible with Netrunner ?
I think yes. Because Netrunner use some Kubuntu repositories yet (PPA?).

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Syvolc, Netrunner new comer

Hi lucas,

we will see how kde neon will do as a base once they switch to the xenial LTS base.
Potentially it would make sense to have neon underlying for Netrunner 18 LTS, especially since neon will not switch bases and stay on LTS for at least 2 years (according to what they say), so Netrunner could do 18.1, 18.2 like it did Netrunner 14 LTS.
Let’s see how it goes in a few weeks from now.

Hi starbuck,
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes, I came across this project recently as well. It seems to have for right now a “Neon” desktop package but plans on having an OS some time soon. It also appears there is a great deal of cross over between Kubuntu and this project.
I installed Kubuntu 15.10 with the Neon package in a VM and it looks very nice, however,I will stay with Netrunner because the LTS is always super stable, the OS comes with all I need, and the Netrunner team is, by far, the most helpful/knowledgeable I’ve encountered.

Thanks starbuck for the input.