kde-telepathy-call-ui by default

Hello netrunner community !

Let me start by thanking you for this great distribution, I’ve been a full-time linux user for 5 years, so I’ve had time to test a lot of distros, and netrunner definitely provides one of the user-friendly and beautiful default environments (maybe a bit too much of lock-in services advertising for me, but I understand a lot of users might want this).
So, thank you for your work !

While netrunner comes with a lot of more or less useful goodies, kde-telepathy-call-ui is not installed by default, so it can lead to the following situation :
“Hey, the IM app comes with video calls support, that’s great ! Let’s plug in this old webcam covered and test it with Jabber !”
5 minutes, and a bit of dust later :
“The webcam works just fine with kamoso, so why the hell is this ‘Video Call’ button still grayed out ?”

I finally found out that package in the repositories and installed it, it worked ! (Thanks aptitude)

So my point is, is there a reason why kde-telepathy-call-ui is not installed by default ? Is it bugged on some systems ? Or has it just been forgotten ? (and will it be default in the next netrunner release ?)

Hi haeyer,
thanks for pointing that out, we will have a look and likely include it in 13.12 default.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if I find other ‘papercuts’.