Keep to LTS

I think that maybe, just maybe Netrunner should stick to LTS as a base with its Main release.
With interim releases having only 9 moths of support in Ubuntu and the rate Netrunner comes out maybe Netrunner should do what Linux Mint does.
Sure continue with Netrunner 15 but keep it as a limited test release.
Keep the main LTS, and make 15 in its own category along side LTS and rolling.

Yes, that is our plan according to the release schedule:

Keep releasing LTS updates on the same base (trusty), while at the same time releasing new “developer versions” with 9 months cycle on new base (utopic, vivid,…). This means for 14 LTS the base will stay at KDE4.x, since upgrading to Plasma 5 is not planned for “trusty” base (as far as I understand Kubuntu) due to difficulties in making a smooth update path and therefore risk breaking LTS.