Kernal Updates


Is there a PPA I could use to get the latest Kernal updates. Since there is no LTS for this version.

Hi Mark,

here are all kernals as debs:
I assume you could even install vivid ones with dpkg:

Just download for example the two linux-headers + linux-image “generic” 64bit files and the linux-headers-“all” deb file and install all 3 files at once.

Thank you for that. I remember trying that a few times with a version of Netrunner about 18 months ago and it would install ok but reset the video to the lowest resolution.

Is there anything else that will not update after the 9 months


Well, in-between LTS releases are usually the “if you got it running well, why update?” sort of. So the underlying system is seldom backported as with the LTS releases, and only minor updates and fixes for the same base hit the ppas.

Thank you so much for you help. I am going to give the system a go