Kernel 4.8+ SVIDEO (intel GPU)


don’t know if it better belongs to “installation” or into the “hardware” (feel free to move it around)

Here’s a hint concerning intel graphics, I already posted on the siduction forum. Since Kernel 4.8 booting up on certain core2duo/Dualcore setups with intel GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller can get a bit quirky (like on my Inspiron 1525). The combination of KMS and SVIDEO resulted in slow booting up, instabilities and/or freezes.

Luckily on the arch wiki a kind of workaround can be found.

E.g. adding a video=SVIDEO-1:d to my grub.cfg fixed it.

Since Netrunner already has Kernel 4.8 on its installation iso, you have to to enter it (mind the us keyboard layout) to boot up and add it to grub.cfg after installation.

/e: to make grub add the video=SVIDEO-1:d kernel parameter to /etc/defaults/grub
or use grub-customizer for a GUI

hope it helps