keyboad change in plasma (SOLVED)

Is a possibility to change quick between German into English an back from English into German. I have found no way in the Plasma settings.

Do you mean the entire desktop enviroment and applications, or just the keyboard layout?

If your asking about the former, then I have to say there isn’t one that I know of, but I’ll look into it.

If you mean the latter, then first make sure both languages are setup under system settings:
1: open system settings
2: check that you have both languages set up under both Account details > Locale and Account details > Language.
3: check that all relevant language packs are installed under Account details > Language Packages
4: next go into Other > Keyboard > Layouts, and add both keyboard layouts desired under Configure Layouts, this will give you a quick change applet for keyboard Layouts in the system tray.

I have meant just the keyboard layout. Thanks for your answer. I have found the solution on netrunner (Version - August 2018) so: Settings - Advanced - Other - Keyboard (here in German Tastatur). The flags German or US are on my plasma control panel now.

Glad to be of service.
Could you please add (SOLVED) to the original thread tittle so that it’s easier to find for others with the same issue.
Thanks in advance…