Kfilebox notifications

http://screencloud.net/v/wAuu I think it is really annoying. Appears on fresh loaded VM. While apt-update was running.

Did you start kfilebox before apt-update?

No. I’ve run it once. But not any more. And seems it have no deal with apt it just appear on system start.

Did you connect kfilebox with your dropbox account ?
If yes and it still popups those messages there is definitely a bug within kfilebox.
I don’t know if it is possible to block those messages though. I don’t guess it is configureable ?

No I’m not. I just had run it once. It have asked me which way I want install drop box, I choose “console” without GTK and I suppose that’s it.

[color=#000080]Using 64-bit RC2 13.12. I had to uninstall Kfilebox because when I went to use Dropbox blocking me, do not start, and although preferences I set everything correctly, I use Dropbox blocks. :s
Dropbox completely uninstalled and erased folders /Home and Kfilebox uninstall and rebooted (just in case) but still I still see the icon in the menu Kfilebox. :huh:
I went to install Dropbox from scratch and now if I works perfectly, but the icon of the Kfilebox in Kicker-Menu is not deleted. :-/

I will take a look at it. I suspect kfilebox not creating any icon so we supply one for it to be started. This means deleting kfilebox won’t get rid of the icon I suppose.

[color=#000080]I have installed the 2.6.2 version of Dropbox and brings all that built Kfilebox offered in English and also in Spanish, the language that has taken the system.:slight_smile:
I do not need to bring Netrunner preinstalled Kfilebox can be eliminated.:stuck_out_tongue: