Kmail doesn't work Prometheus 15


Kmail isn´t working, there are liberrors and where can i find an log that declares the error, this is mine favourite mailapplication so i hope there is an solution.

The error is:

/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_ksystraycmd’ couldn´t open
Cannot load library /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_ksystraycmd: (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ could shared objectfile not openen: file or folder doesn´t exist

Yeah thats a current limitation still. (I guess)
KMail in general isn’t a good idea to run currently as akonadi and basically everything needs to be ported to kf5.
So a bummer for now. But if we can fix this we will of course

Hi flyingbi,

Kmail (like Kaccounts) hasn’t been ported officially yet, so that’s why Netrunner continues to ship Thunderbird-Plasma as default for email. The whole Akonadi stack will be updated and ported to Frameworks, so if that works again under Plasma5.x, we will consider making Kmail default again.

Ok i saw many more problems with applications and i am going back to the LTS version, an distro works 100 % for me or not and this version fails in many ways.


Hi flyingbi,

to help us fix any problems in the future, what applications did you had problems with?
There are some KDE4.x based ones and some Plasma5 ones, so any feedback would be appreciated.

With Kmail is nothing wrong it is the akonadi issue where kde is facing with. Many times in the past there were problems with this framework.

Kubuntu 15.04 is also an big mistake, lot of errors etc.

Netrunner 15 is ok but i hate it when mine desired applications are not working like knail, kontact, korganizer they all need some libraries that are missing due the akonadi/framework issues.

I hope really that Netrunner can fix this but when i see how poor kubuntu 15.04 is working i still have hope.

Thanks flyingbi,
we already started working together with Kubuntu to improve Plasma 5.3 this week, since Netrunner 16 will be sharing the same base with “Vivid” again, where with utopic, we had to do all the updated and patching for Plasma 5.2 ourselves.

Since Aaron joined Kolab Systems mainly working on Kontact5/Akonadi/PIM, there are good plans for Kontact under Plasma5:
Hopefully, this wont take too long and be really solid this time.

Kmail seems to be working here without throwing errors. However, mail is not being indexed (at least it isn’t returned in searches), which presumably is an akonadi issue.

Oh thats great to hear. So maybe flyingbi you have a broken install that causes your crashes. Can you check your ISOs md5sum just to make sure.